My practice explores intimate conversations between birds, figures and interior spaces. In my work, seemingly familiar and mundane scenes evolve into unfamiliar moments of disruption, presented within the boundaries of the home. Depictions of rooms, reveal the ordinariness of interior spaces and evoke an intimate sense of domesticity. A disquieting defamiliarisation of interiors is formed throughout the process of my work.


Psychically charged encounters between female figures and birds are presented with the desire to unsettle. Eerily quiet scenes depict the female body in intense yet ordinary moments, bound to the shadows of rooms, in a passive state between intentions. The disturbance begins with the appearance of birds, dozens of tiny animated clues that illuminate the interior like odd feathery beams of light. 


Photography is essential to the conceiving of my paintings, offering a cinematic quality in addition to being an alternate medium. My use of colour, composition and light constructs an emotive environment; in a disrupted form of realism, glazed and textured layers of oil paint on aluminium, depict internal moments with dark undertones. The struggle with the domestic and the familiar is represented by a bruised palette of colours, which produces a tense yet quiet atmosphere.


Obscure narratives belong to womanhood and its pleasant uncomfortableness with the domestic. With a voyeuristic gaze, the viewer becomes an intruder of an unsettling makeshift space, reminiscent of the homes we left behind. The birds, the figures and the rooms comment on the contemporary human condition as figurative, uncanny depictions of the human experience.